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Reconnect with Nature

Floral Healing

At Spirit Pines Wellness, we offer a unique healing experience through our Floral Healing services. Our Floral Healing sessions use the power of flowers to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Floral Healing is a form of aromatherapy that utilizes the natural properties of flowers to promote healing and relaxation.


The process involves the use of flower essences, which are made from the energy of plants and flowers. These essences are extracted through a process of infusion and dilution and are believed to carry the healing energy of the plant.

Who Can Benefit?

Angel Card Readings at Spirit Pines Wellness can benefit individuals who are seeking guidance, clarity, and insight into various aspects of their lives. Here are some examples of people who may find Angel Card Readings beneficial:

  1. Individuals who are experiencing personal or professional challenges and are seeking guidance on how to navigate them.

  2. Those who are feeling lost or uncertain about their life's purpose and direction and are looking for clarity and insight.

  3. Anyone who is looking to deepen their spiritual connection and gain a greater understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

  4. People who are interested in exploring alternative methods of healing and personal growth.

  5. Individuals who are open to receiving guidance and support from the spiritual realm and are interested in working with angelic energies.

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How It Works

During a Floral Healing session, our skilled practitioner will guide you through the process of selecting the flower essences that best suit your needs. The essences are selected based on your current physical, emotional, and mental state, as well as your goals for the session.

The flower essences are then diluted in a carrier solution and applied to the body through various methods, such as sprays, mists, and compresses. The practitioner may also use massage techniques to help the essences penetrate the skin and work their way into the body.

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