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Time for You

As I sit on the bench watching people go by, I can see how sad and lonely people are. As a human, we are usually good at being kind to others but not ourselves. When we do have time to do something for ourselves, we are too exhausted and end up slumping on the couch and watch “ Netflix” for hours.

Without realizing it, we carry so much negative energy and negative energy of others. When we take time to get to know ourselves and love ourselves, positive energy will flow easier. Positive people will start coming into our lives. We start to recognize the negative people and they start to disappear out of our lives.

A few simple steps to help you have a better day. When you wake up in he morning, first thing before you move, greet the world. “ Good morning my universe, it’s a beautiful day! Great things are happening today!”

Next, a big stretch. Stretch your arms and legs before you hit the floor. This is when we usually start running right? Wrong! This is where you need 10-15 minutes of peace. Get yourself a coffee and turn to face the east window (morning sun). If you can spare 3 minutes each morning, that would be great! Close your eyes and let the warmth of the sun warm you, take your mind away. I know, the kids are crying and you have to go, you can try it later. My question for you is, what do you do for yourself? What do you do to love yourself? To be kind to yourself. When we loose ourselves, we can loose our relations with others. When we find ourselves, we know what we want, like and don’t like.

We find our inner peace and strength. Are you at peace? Are you happy with yourself?

No we do not beat ourselves up either! We need to be kind to ourselves, the way we are kind to others.

Loving ourselves is not a complicated thing to do. It just takes time. You need to prioritize time for you. Is it selfish? Yes. But that is good. If we are not strong and happy, how do we care for others? As I mentioned to a client, we need to put on our life vest before we can help or save others.

Peace and love be in you.

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