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What the heck is Life Coaching and why the heck would I pay for it

A Life Coach is a wellness professional who works with you on your personal development. A Life Coach helps you to gain clarity about different aspects of your life so that you can move forward in your growth and life’s purpose.

What does that even mean? Wellness professionals as opposed to an illness professional. Personal development, huh? Gain clarity…about my life, how? My life’s purpose?

The thing we all need to remember is we are always growing and changing. It’s times when we feel stagnant and stuck, the times when we are not evolving are the times when life gets difficult. It gets heavy and hard or still.. even stagnant. This affects our mental wellness and this affects our journey in life.

Think about something in your life you would like to change. That something that might help you move forward to solve that issue or accomplish that goal. That next step up into self betterment. We all have something because we are always evolving. What would you like to see change?

ONE of TWO things happens at this point. You are solid on what you want to change or…you don’t even know what you want to change, you just want something to change. This is the part of clarity we mentioned before.

Regardless… Insert Life Coach HERE.


Sometimes we are stuck. Sooo stuck, we don’t know how or where to move. A session with a certified Life Coach will take you into a conversation that dives into much needed discovery. Bring CLARITY on what your next step is. ( I’m hearing Opra’s Ah-ha here but…)


So you know exactly what you want to change. You have nailed it. I want to __________ ….. but NOW WHAT? NOW WHERE DO YOU GET HELP for this next step? Yes, there is quick help out there that might suggest a product to buy, or the course to take. Yes sometimes those products help ..but then what. You’re alone in the aftermath. And not being alone in your goal offers more promise of success. A Life Coach is the constant key to your successful progress. This change you decide to make, the one you know is your step towards your personal growth, is more than a nice someday thought. It’s present. It’s moving. It’s happening.

Life Coach is about mental wellness because it’s it’s about getting unstuck. Sometimes it’s about getting you unstuck before the stuck is really unhealthy.

Life is beautiful when we feed our need to better ourselves. Accomplishments are exciting and human connections are empowering. That’s why Life Coaching is worth it. You can be excited on this adventure. Always recognize that you are an ever evolving powerful person and because you have a Life Coach , you are never alone.

Photo by Brut Carniollus

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